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The pest control technician must measure and chart or sketch the arrangement for good application rates/volume and pricing if termite evidence is detected or when a proposition is issued. All such treatment(s) must be made in accordance with the Structural Pest Control Law and Rules. (See Termite Control Contracts). If there's anything that you do not understand regarding the termite treatment suggestion, stop and ask the salesperson or company representative to explain the proposal in detail.

You should discuss any such conditions with your PCO following the inspection and consider correcting those conditions where possible. As a property owner, you want to ask the technician, why he/she selected a particular treatment plan(s). As with any termite control product, we recommend that you read all available literature concerning the merchandise and the service.

Termite Control ContractsAll contracts or agreements for the control or prevention of wood-destroying organisms in constructions must be in writing and must include the following as well as other items: 1. License number and period (s) of the licensee and full name of company licensee represents; two. Foundation diagram must indicate if the infestation is active or inactive.

The diagram must show location of any timbers that are damaged. 4. Whether or not re-inspections should be produced and, if so, approximate time interval between.5. Conditions under which re-treatments will be made. 6. Cost to be billed for treatment service. Each company's contract is different, and the provisions, conditions, limitations, and requirements differ from company to company.

You should also understand how the services are to be completed and what responsibilities you might have as a homeowner (providing access, removing pets, payment provisions, disclosure of structural deficiencies, hidden areas, routine property maintenance, etc).Termite Warranties and AgreementsMost PCOs will offer a renewal or additional inspections for a specified time period at an additional cost.

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Such agreements, sometimes known as a contract or warranty, are not an assurance that termites will not return, but provide for action to be taken as stated in the agreement. The purpose of inspections following an initial treatment is to determine whether the treatment was successful and if termites are present inside the treatment barrier.

Under this type of agreement, the PCO will offer additional treatment(s) if termites are discovered in the structure after the initial treatment and during the service agreement period. This agreement does not obligate the PCO to fix, replace, or fix any harm. This is the most common practice in the industry.

Not all PCOs deliver such an agreement, and typically, the structure must meet certain criteria to qualify under this agreement. Generally, under this agreement, the PCO is obligated to repair, replace, or correct damage to the construction up to my site a certain amount. This agreement covers damage occurring after the initial treatment and during the service agreement period.

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3.) NO GUARANTTEE/WARRANTY. Following an initial treatment, the PCO may not offer to enter into an agreement that would provide either re-treatment or a harm repair agreement. The absence of any such service agreement should be indicated in you agreement. ConclusionEach year, subterranean termites strike thousands of houses. Do not panic if termites are found in, on or under your house.

Based on the findings in the inspection, the proposal may include many treatment options. Bear in mind all contracts or agreements for the control or prevention of wood-destroying organisms in houses must be in writing. A service agreement or warranty can provide a beneficial service to consumers. However, as a consumer, you need to understand all of service agreements and warranties before signing in addition to understanding all of the information contained within the agreement(s).

Periodic inspections from the licensed pest control operator are necessary in the implementation of a sound termite control plan. For additional information regarding structural pest control termite Homepage control service agreements and warranties, please contact:.

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AuthorsAuthors and affiliationsNAN-YAO SURudolf H. ScheffrahnAbstractSoil insecticide hurdles have been the single most important tool for subterranean termite control in the last half century, but limitations with current soil termiticides have supplied the impetus to search for alternatives in recent years. One such alternative is the monitoring--baiting programme. Monitoring stations to detect termites are placed in the soil surrounding a structure.

Field studies have indicated that colonies have been eliminated using less than 1 g of hexaflumuron. After the elimination, monitoring aids and lure is implemented in case new termite activity is discovered. The monitoring and baiting procedure form the foundation for an ongoing program to protect structures from subterranean termite infestation.

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